Our Process

We try to make the process for our services as simple as possible.  The following is a quick breakdown of each step or phase of our resume writing process:

Step 1 – Order services online.  When you place your order online, you’ll be asked set up an account, agree to our Terms of Service, and make a payment.  Setting up an account allows you to keep track of your order and access our scheduling system and document upload features.  To place an order, simply click on the service you would like to purchase, select “Add to cart,” then select “View Cart” or “Checkout” at the top of the screen, and complete the checkout process.

Please note, our payment processing system is PayPal.  If you prefer to use your credit card instead, simply click “Don’t have a PayPal account?” on the PayPal payment page.  This will allow you to enter a credit card without signing up for a PayPal account.


Step 2 – Schedule your consultation.  For services that include a phone consultation, we like to speak with each of our clients so that we can get a good handle on your personality, work history, knowledge, skills, and abilities.  This enables us to develop content for your document that reflects who you are and showcases your distinctions.  Once your order is placed and payment is complete, you’ll be able to schedule your consultation directly on your Order Received page – simply select a date and time that works for you.

The consultation itself is very casual – nothing to worry about.  We will call you at the designated time.  During the call, we will review your work history and ask a series of questions that help us understand your strengths and goals.  Trust us, we’re used to working with people during the fire season…so if you get dispatched before (or during) your consultation, just let us know and we’ll re-schedule!

Remember, the more information you provide us, the better!


Step 3 – Upload your supporting documents.  We ask that all of our clients provide us with their current resume (it doesn’t have to be up-to-date) and/or previous application materials.  We also recommend that clients send us their IQCS Master Record, if they have access to it.  These documents help us gather the appropriate information for your resume.  We must receive your documents prior to your scheduled consultation so that we have time to review your materials.

You can upload documents from a number of places once you’ve placed an order, including the “My Account” page and from the “View Order” drop-down on the main menu.  You must be logged in to upload your documents, but you can access your account at any time!


Step 4 – The draft and revision phase. We will begin to develop a draft after completing your consultation and will generally have a draft to you within 10-15 business days (unless other arrangements are made). We do offer expedite services, subject to approval, for an additional fee. We will always email any questions that we may have as we’re developing the draft – please be prepared to check your email accounts.

We will send instructions on how to proofread the document when we send you your first draft. We also highlight any information that needs clarification in yellow – so that you know to pay special attention to that particular section.  You are responsible for ensuring that your documents are accurate, true, and free of omissions.  The revision process is very easy – we can change, add, delete, or modify anything in your resume, you won’t hurt our feelings by asking!  We work hard to obtain our clients’ satisfaction through the revision process – if we don’t quite get the form or focus right, just let us know!

For many of our writing projects, one or two sets of revisions (based on original material provided) are included in the price.  If you wish to make discretionary revisions, add new information, or make more than two sets of revisions, additional writing, rework, and/or consultation fees may apply.  Updates and all other projects priced on a per-hour basis are billed at the hourly rate.


Step 5 – Finalizing your project.  Once you are happy with your draft, we will send you final copies of your completed document in both MS Word and PDF formats.  We highly recommend uploading the PDF version to your online application accounts.  We are also available to answer basic application questions if you run into any trouble as you’re completing the federal application process.


As you can see, the overall process is very seamless.  We work hard to provide flexible services so that we can accommodate the needs, deadlines, and goals of our clients – especially during the fire season.  If you have any questions at all, simply use our Contact Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


The Wildland Fire Careers Team