After 10 years, Wildland Fire Careers will no longer be offering resume writing services.

A big “thank you” to the hundreds of clients who have trusted us over the years to help them along in their careers.

All my best,  Bethany

Also, if you haven’t already, check out Bethany’s project,, part of her new nonprofit, The American Wildfire Experience!

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Interested in getting connected with a referral to a resume writer?

We’ve set up a relationship with a new resume writer who has experience developing federal resumes for wildland firefighters.  Similar to Bethany, she comes from an operational background, too!  By using the email link below, you’ll be connected with this new company and she’ll be in touch to walk you through her process. If you decide to use her services, Bethany’s new nonprofit, The American Wildfire Experience, will receive a donation.  Yay!

Just send an email by clicking here and mention that this is a referral from Wildland Fire Careers.